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All Hair Design is a Brisbane Hair Salon. Where some our clients think we have the friendliest Hairdressers in Brisbane. We have been looking after our clients since 1995, and when they leave the salon they are feeling and looking super!

Our team of hairdressers are senior stylists that have many years experience in hairdressing. By using Wella, the world’s leading hair colour this means we are able to deliver amazing results for our clients.

We also specialise in precision cutting and we have been trained by some of the worlds best hairdressers. This also allows us to create amazing up styles for your special days. Our staff are always getting more training in their skills and product knowledge to make sure that all our clients walk away feeling great!

We love creating beautiful hair for our clients and this is something we specialise in. We take pride in providing a relaxing atmosphere for our clients and staff. We believe excellent customer service is key and we do our best to look after all of our clients.

We can’t wait to pamper you in our salon.

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Some of our recent clients…

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How to Get The Most Out of Your Hair Salon Appointments

We look forward to looking after you at All Hair Design.

Before, you visit us at the salon here are several tips that will let you get the most out of your visit with us.

1. Bring Photos with you – if you have a particular look or colour in mind, then bring photos with you to show your hairdresser what you like. Some things to remember: many photos on Instagram are edited and retouched (so you may not be seeing what the person’s hair is like in real life); occasionally we may not be able to give you what you see in the picture (because your hair texture is different). The photos will be part of your consultation at the salon which will guide your hairdresser in making sure you get the best style for you based on your hair and your lifestyle

2. Think about your Hair Type – different aspects of your hair such as the texture, thickness, and colour, can make a big difference in the look you are wanting to achieve. This is why it is important to know your hair type and your hair stylist will guide you on what is possible and what is not.

3. Consider your Lifestyle – your lifestyle and what you do as part of your daily rituals do impact on the hairstyle that will be the right one for you. You want to find the hairstyle that will be easy to maintain and style.

4. Be Honest and Open – Please tell us what you like or do not like as well as what your hair goals are. During your consultation we will ask you about your hair history and what sort of things you have and have not done to your hair. We do this because it allows us to work out the type of hair products and their strength so we get the ideal colour for you. If you are not honest with us, then on occasions you can get some surprising unwanted results.

5. Use the Right Hair Products at Home – if you do not look after your hair at home with the right products, then you are making your life much harder. By using the right products based on your hair type you are getting better results from your salon visits. Also, you use less product to get the results that you want, because professional products are concentrated.

6. Take Care of Your Hair – When you protect your hair from damage, this is the key to making sure your hair is healthy. During your colour service we offer hair treatments that are designed to nourish your hair and ensure you have healthier and stronger hair. Also, by making use of an intensive treatment at home once a week this will prolong the salon life of your hair. Make sure that during your consultation ask about the types of products that match your hair type and will keep your hair healthy and looking beautiful.

So, follow the above steps and you will be getting the most out of your visit with us at All Hair Design.

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